Once upon a time, I was traveling the world chasing waterfalls as an extreme athlete (kayakers might debate that point, but bite me 😜) and the face of the sport of Riverboarding.

I’ve turned the page to a new chapter in my life, but this riverboarding gallery serves as a nice, often grainy trip down a wet & wild memory lane.


Riverboarding World Championship – Guatemala (2015)

There were some good pics of the event, but most images of me were me standing around with a walkie-talkie in my hand. This was my last hurrah with riverboarding.

Commercial Shoot in SoCal (2015)

When a hollywood studio picked up the last of the Anvils for a commercial shoot for a Fortune 500 company, we got the opportunity to be the talent! The roster was myself, Jusbyn Lockard, my brother “Docta P”, and Mahinalani, along with Kern local and Olympic silver medalist kayaker Eric Giddens.

It was small water but we pulled out all the stops to make it look super fun and exciting! This is all I can post for now, I’ll link to the finished product when it’s published.

Green River Narrows (2014)

I hit the Narrows again this time with another riverboarder, Jusbyn Lockard. We went with his buddy Alex Ohman who is a local kayaker and regular Green boater.


All went well, I ran the correct left line at Go Left this time and didn’t even touch the rock, so I was pretty stoked about such a clean run through it. I had another great run off Gorilla as well – that rapid is a serious endorphin high like few others I get on the river. Just love it.

Stoked to get some sweet pictures too, thanks to Alex and Jay for that! I have always wanted a poster of riverboarding Gorilla, and now I’ve got one. :)


Guatemala RWC Racecourse Design (2014)

I met up in Guatemala with fellow World Riverboarding Association board member Denis Morin along with my friend and local Guatemalan do-everything outdoor man Max Baldetti, who is helping us put together the 2015 Riverboarding World Championship.

The goal was to understand what we have to work with and create a plan for course logistics, and then to design the best and most challenging race course possible with the water that we have available to us, at the anticipated levels for October of 2015.

Fluid Anvil Promo Video (2014)

Filmed on the 7 Sisters of the Rouge River during the last day of the Ottawa River Throwdown, I edited this video of me and Mike McVey for Fluid to promote their industry-changing riverboard, the Anvil.

Ottawa River Throwdown (2014)

The Ottawa River Throwdown was something Tom and I put together to see if we could get a few of the world’s top riverboarders all together in one place to learn from each other, push each other, and evolve the sport especially in the area of freestyle. I mostly played photographer, so the pics of me are from our final day on the Rouge river, where we closed the event off with a great run down a bunch of waterfalls.


The next generation of riverboarders are redefining the sport and as my friend Charl van Rensburg says, they are “literally taking off”. I’ve been able to witness this evolution firsthand the past 2 years, and was able to get a bunch more inspiring photos this week. Check out the photo gallery on the Face Level facebook to see the incredible tricks they’re coming up with.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 4.29.50 PM

Darkfin Gloves review (2014)

The Darkfin Gloves are simply amazing. Propulsion, warmth, and tactile ability all in one.

High-water Riverboarding in Ontario & Quebec (2014)

So much water, so cold, yet such an awesome time. Watching and filming Tom Paterson throwing tricks on these monster waves was a blast, and I got to run a lot of really fun whitewater as well with a fun crew of riverboarders and kayakers.


While I spent most of the time behind the camera, I do make a nice little cameo in episode 1 of Tom’s new series Freestyle Origins.

Remi Camus – Riverboarding the Mekong (2014)

French explorer Remi Camus completed the 2nd longest riverboarding journey in history, traveling alone 4,400km down the Mekong river from the border of Tibet in China and then touching Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam on his way to the South China Sea.

I met up with Remi in Don Det, Laos, after spending a week scouting the 4 Thousand Islands section to find the cleanest line through the rapids and waterfalls.

From there, I followed Remi (on land) from Phnom Penh until the finish, taking video and photos and assisting with media and whatever else I could in the promotion of this historic riverboarding journey.

Photos I took of Remi were used in myriad media outlets and shown in a gallery at his closing party in Ho Chi Minh, which was quite an honor for me. Learn more about Remi and his charity organization at Expedition Terre Inconnue, and view the photo gallery on his facebook, flickr, or at Face Level.


(CLICK FOR PHOTO GALLERY) Remi Camus riverboards down the Mekong with one flipper. photo: Josh Galt

Riverboarding Costa Rica (2014)

Tom, Jay and I met up to run a never-before riverboarded jungle river, and due to water levels and logistical problems, were unable to do so. Instead we ran a couple CR favorites at low water. Not what we came for, but a fun trip anyway.

Riverboarding World Championship – Indonesia (2013)

Although most of my time working on the organization of the first Riverboarding World Championship was off the water, at times I also got to swim.

The whitewater photos were taken as I spent the day in the river with the water level for Slalom and Boardercross, figuring out the most challenging and fun racecourse.

Photos by Deden Iman and others.

This event was a huge team effort and came together to be incredible for the sport of riverboarding. The next Riverboarding World Championship will be in Guatemala in 2015. Video below is from the Indonesian television broadcast of the event.

Riverboarding Ottawa (2013)

This was my first time on the Ottawa river and I fell in love with it – after having spent pretty much the entire previous year in rivers with less than 1,000cfs, it was nice to take off all my pads and just go swim in a huge, deep river!

Bus Eater was a violent but very fun surf on the Anvil (a riverboard made for creeking), and I’m looking forward to hitting that wave again with a freestyle board.

Screengrabs from video, big thanks to Tom Paterson for getting the footage of me and for a great week of riverboarding.

The video below is not of me it’s just a profile piece I put together on Tom, he’s an up-and-coming star in the sport. I was proud of the edit though, and it gives a good feel for what we did all week so I’m posting it here (the airscrews and other wave tricks though were all Tom).

Riverboarding Italy (2013)

A series of product shots for the Fluid Anvil.

Photos for Fluid Kayaks by Paul Villecourt / outdoor-reporter.com.

Riverboarding the Green Narrows, North Carolina (2013)

I had the privilege of riverboarding the Green River and Gorilla in April. What a rush, in such a beautiful canyon.

Major thanks to Steve Fisher, Adrian Kiernan, and all my Fluid Kayaks teammates for being so supportive, helpful, and fun on my first run down the Green. Thanks also to Taylor Barker for months earlier in Ecuador encouraging me and convincing me to go riverboard it.

Video below by Steve Fisher and Dave Fisher of Fish Munga.

Video below by Adrian Kiernan of White Box Magazine.

Riverboarding Ecuador (2012)

Photos by Diego Robles.

Riverboarding 15m Hollin Chico Waterfall in Ecuador (2012)

(The river took my gopro on the big drop, so I unfortunately had no POV footage of either falls for the vid)

Riverboarding 10m Pozo Azul Waterfall in Costa Rica (2012)

First Impromptu “FLI Games” Idea & Episode (2012)

Ubaye Gorge, France (2012)

Riverboarding Japan (2012)

Photos by Darin McQuoid.

Riverboarding Guatemala ~ Surfing in Corkscrew (2012)

Pre-Anvil Riverboarding History (1994 to 2012)

Broadcasting the Riverboarding Events at the Gorge Games (2008)

(My stylist was apparently sick that day…)

Riverboarding Canyon Creek Washington (2008)

Inflatable Riverboards Review (2008)

‘007 Riverboarding / Hydrospeed Year In Review (2007)

Ice & Docta P – First (Professionally Produced) Video Short, Clackamas River & Area Creeks (2006)