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I really had no idea how much positive attention this would get, so major thanks to Adrian Kiernan for busting out this edit so fast and for shooting it all in the first place. Very cool.

It’s the most viral riverboarding¬†anything¬†that I’ve seen and was over 10,000 youtube views in only 48 hours, which is a combination of it being on a super famous river (the Green River Narrows), being a sick edit, and being shared by all the Fluid guys.

I hope it goes a very long way toward bring more legitimacy to the sport of Riverboarding. Riverboarders are whitewater athletes too!

It was a truly memorable day on the river for me though, paddling with the Fluid Kayaks team and getting to scout and run the river with some of the best kayakers in the world, including Steve Fisher.

More to come!

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